The Shendo Feng Shui Training 
The School of Energy Awareness

Brighton, UK - Autumn 2020

"I was in awe of everything you taught. I'd feel like a
fraud if I continued teaching traditional feng shui . . .
my feng shui business will never be the same again!" 

Johanne Tomasdottir - Iceland's leading feng shui consultant and teacher

The most powerful feng shui training available just became even more powerful! We're delighted to invite you to the new and completely re-formulated

2020 Shendo Feng Shui Training
This Environmental Energy Awareness Training is a unique opportunity for you to learn original feng shui - i.e. the direct awareness of how your body, mind and life are constantly being affected - for better or for worse - by your environment. And what to do about it.
The Shendo Feng Shui Training focuses on the essence of feng shui - how you can enter into a profound communion with the energies around you that are influencing every area of your life. 
Over one extraordinary weekend, you'll come to see how every state, circumstance or experience in your life is directly influenced by your environment. And how you can deliberately cultivate your relationship with the hidden world of energy that is your most important environment.
"Thanks so much for such a wonderful weekend - what you
have shared with us is certainly the most profound and
powerful approach to feng shui I have experienced in 8 years
of study and practice."  Janice Kyd, Italy
Unlike other forms of feng shui, which are highly dependent on learning theoretical formulae and general rules, with Shendo Feng Shui, you discover how you can really become aware, in your own right, of how your or others' energies are influenced by the environment.
This is necessary because traditional feng shui formulae and rules are unable to take into account much of the energetic complexity of any particular environment or of the unique energetic needs of each person in that environment. This is why we focus so much on you developing your own environmental energy awareness.
You can read about some of the contents of the Shendo Feng Shui Training below. Please note that the Shendo Feng Shui Training is only available to graduates of the Living With Energy Awareness Training - which is being held next in Brighton, UK  in Autumn 2020

The Shendo Feng Shui empowerments will provide you with advanced energy awareness methods and the opportunity to become free of depending on pendulums, muscle tests or electronic instruments through developing your own direct perception of human and environmental energies.
"Since implementing your recommendations . . .
I have never been happier and I've never felt more at home.
I have far more energy and I am sleeping better than I have
for over 20 years." Robin T, Hants
Some of the subjects covered in the Shendo Feng Shui Training include:
  • How to perceive the flows of ki between your environment, your body and your life
  • Assessing and correcting individual vulnerability to environmental stresses
  • Detecting and correcting personal environmental energy allergies
  • Seeing which feng shui, vastu, etc. remedies really work and which cause future problems
  • How to demonstrate to others the effects of environmental energies on their lives - and what they can do with or about them
  • Amplifying environmental qi's for more health, wealth, partnership and other life energies
  • The critical need to strengthen your energy - including how to evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of any energy protection device or technique
  • Ceasing to be vulnerable to other peoples' energies by stably sealing your energy field
  • Understanding space clearing - how to make it really work for you and others rather than having its effects fade away after a short time
  • Recognising the clutter that blocks flows of qi and so not having to worry about the rest
  • Time feng shui - how to see when something needs to change
  • Life feng shui - bringing each part of your life into balance with the whole
  • Spirit feng shui - creating an awareness-enhancing environment without causing overload or excessive energetic pressure
  • Following your fortune path for transforming the misfortune energies in your life - confusion, exhaustion, failure and illness - into the five fortune energies of wisdom, happiness, strength, success and higher awareness
  • The Vision Eye pakua - opening your stareye [third eye] for developing direct awareness of the eight life ki and the five fortune ki so you can transform your home into a life and fortune-cultivating living home
  • The four essential requirements for becoming an energy-aware, feng shui practitioner
Note: If you are interested in practising feng shui as a career, Shendo feng shui is indispensible for becoming aware of the energies you'll be working with. The cost of the Shendo Feng Shui Training is so low, graduates have covered it with their very first client!

"This old house feels so much nicer. I have altered so much health-wise: no more sweats in bed; none while on this computer; not wanting to sleep all the time; no asthma; no cough; my stomach isn't so bloated; am much happier; I don't feel as if I'm in a big hole and cannot get out; water-works much better; can now sit and watch television [without it affecting me]." Margaret T., Wales

This training is almost completely pre-registered now, so please let us know, as soon as possible, if you wish to reserve a place on the . . .
    UK 2020 Shendo Feng Shui Training
    Brighton, Autumn 2020

    Fee: for the 2-day training: 367.00

    EarlyBird Discount
    for registration and payment before 31st May 2020 - 337.00

    Shendo Practitioner Fee - 317.00